3 Tips For Using A New Storage Unit

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Running out of room at home and need to rent a storage unit? It will help to know the following tips that will assist with using a new storage unit. 

Load The Unit Correctly   

There is a right and wrong way to pack a storage unit. In general, you want the heavy furniture to be lining the back of the unit or the walls. Lighter items should be placed in the middle so that they are easy to remove and gain access to the items in the back. It even helps to use racks on wheels so that you can pull out those items in the center with ease, rather than manually having to move items to gain access to the full storage unit. You'll be packing the space tightly to save money, so think about how it will be easy to navigate the unit. 

It's important to maximize your storage space as well by packing things to the ceiling. Leaving a gap at the top of the storage unit is the square footage you are paying for and wasting. It can take a bit of planning to get items to stack to the ceiling, but you'll be making the most out of the space you are renting.

Use Clear Bins Instead Of Boxes

As tempting as it may be to save money by getting cardboard moving boxes, these are going to be harder to use in a packed storage unit. They are not going to seal items in a container, and it will be difficult to see inside. It's worth spending the money on some clear bins so that you can get a good idea of where things are. As much as you may have good intentions to keep things organized, the clear bins are going to help you out when things get placed in the wrong bin on accident.

Know What Belongs In Climate-Controlled Storage

There are some items that are not going to be great for a normal storage unit and require the extra protection of a climate-controlled unit. This is true of anything that can be damaged by expanding and contracting due to temperature changes and excessive humidity. Items made out of paper, such as photographs, definitely should go into a climate-controlled unit. Vinyl records, leather furniture, and musical instruments can also become damaged quite easily from temperature changes. Electronics are also vulnerable to damage due to the humidity that can cause metal components to corrode. 

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17 October 2022

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