What Are The Different Types Of Water Wells?

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If you're thinking about getting a water well, it's not as simple as just installing a well. There are actually several different types of wells. Before you can get a water well, you need to figure out what type of well is best for you.

Gravity Well

A gravity well uses gravity to pull water out of the surrounding ground. It works by making the well deeper than the usual underground water level. This causes nearby water to flow towards your well.

Gravity wells are usually used in drier areas with little rain and no access to an aquifer. In theory, you can install a gravity well anywhere just by digging deeper. However, this can become impractical in dryer places like deserts because even if you dig deep, there is little water to collect.

One downside to a gravity well is that gravity also brings other things like sediment and even insects. That means you'll need to filter your water and also periodically clean out your well to keep it flowing freely.

Pump Wells

Submersible pumps are wells that operate completely underwater. This type of pump has been designed specifically for use in wells. They require electrical power to function but are generally quiet and efficient.

Pumps are ideal in areas with higher water tables. The deeper water is, the harder it is to pump out. When you have a pump well, you basically want to be pumping water out of an underground lake or river. You don't want to be trying to get water to come to you like a gravity well.

Because pumps run underwater, you do not need to worry about sediment buildup. These wells will last for years with little maintenance.

Bucket Wells

The old-fashioned bucket wells you may have seen in movies are really just gravity wells. The main difference is that you have to pull up water in a bucket instead of having it flow directly into your pipes. Bucket wells still work, but few people want the hassle of dealing with them.

Rain Water Systems

If you live in an area with a lot of rain, you may want to consider a system that collects rainwater instead. This can often be easier than collecting water from the ground.

Your water well company can also help with rainwater systems and installing the underground tanks they need to store the rain.

To learn more about getting a well, contact a local water well drilling company today. 


14 March 2022

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