Signs You May Need Generator Repairs And How To Keep Your Equipment In Good Shape

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A standby generator is a lifesaver for your business when you sell food that needs to be kept cold so it won't spoil. Even if you don't sell food, a generator could mean the difference between keeping your shop open during a power failure or having to miss out on sales. Standby generators are usually reliable, but sometimes they malfunction. When they do, you may need prompt generator repair services to get your power back on. Here are signs you need generator repairs done, how to know what type of repairs you need, and how to reduce the risk of generator failure.

Signs Your Generator May Be In Trouble

A standby generator should come on as soon as the power cuts out. If your generator doesn't come on, or if it comes on and keeps shutting off, call a generator repair professional to take a look at your equipment. Running a generator when it isn't working right could damage the parts, and then your generator won't work at all.

The problem with your generator might be something simple, such as low oil, bad spark plugs, or a clogged filter. There could also be an electrical issue with the generator or the transfer switch. A generator repair professional can troubleshoot the problem and figure out why your generator isn't working so the proper repairs can be done promptly and bring your power back on.

Ways To Tell What's Wrong With Your Generator

If you're used to maintaining and looking at your generator, you might be able to tell just by looking what is wrong with the equipment. If you let professionals tend to the equipment, you may have no idea what could be wrong when your generator malfunctions. Fortunately, your generator can display error codes that let you and the repair person know what's going on and which parts need to be serviced.

Things That Help Your Generator Avoid Breakdowns

One of the best ways to prevent the need for generator repairs is to set up a service schedule and let a professional maintain your equipment for you. You might also want to keep equipment such as spare filters, spark plugs, and oil around to do simple maintenance yourself if you need to use your generator for several hours at a time. Also, keep watch on your generator since it will let you know when maintenance is needed.

When your generator receives proper care, it won't need as much maintenance. However, a power surge, overloading, or some other problem could always happen, so if your generator seems to be malfunctioning, call a repair service without delay.

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30 November 2021

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