Pros And Cons Of Installing An Infinity Pool In Your Yard

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Infinity pools are specialty pools made to look like they do not have an edge. Some make it look like the water flows over the edge. Others look more like the water comes to the edge naturally, as it would in an ocean or lake. Infinity pools have become quite popular in backyards over the years, but should you install an infinity pool in your yard? Consider these pros and cons as you make the choice.

Pro: Infinity pools create a magical environment

The appearance of one of these pools really transforms your yard. While the average pool might just be one element of your yard, an infinity pool is designed with the intent of being a focal point. You can decorate around the pool, using your other decorations and your landscaping to enhance the pool even further.

Con: Infinity pools are pricey

Infinity pools require some extra equipment to pump water from the shallow holding pool, which is what actually forms the edge, into the larger main pool. Each pool also has to be customized to suit the yard and its terrain. As such, an infinity pool costs significantly more than a standard in-ground pool, and many times more than an above-ground pool.

Pro: Kids can play in the shallow holding pool

The shallow holding pool at the edge of the main pool is not just there for looks. It can also double as a shallow wading pool for kids, and for those who want to get their feet wet but not swim. Of course, you'll still want your kids to wear life jackets in case they walk too far and end up in the deeper pool, but it's really nice to have a shallower, safer area for them to play in the water.

Con: It's easier for animals to end up in the pool

Because of the exposed edge, animals are more likely to wander into an infinity pool. Your own dog may wander into the pool, and in some areas, you may even have trouble with wildlife venturing into the shallow pool's edge. You, therefore, need to be very vigilant in keeping pool chlorine levels up to kill any pathogens the animals might introduce.

If you are vigilant with chlorination and don't mind the extra expense, an infinity pool can be a wonderful addition to your yard. These pools are all unique, and each is a wonder to look at. Contact an infinity pool builder to learn more.


19 October 2021

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