4 Ways A Virtual Office Can Benefit Your Business

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Brick and mortar offices are traditionally considered a necessity for business. However, recent events have resulted in unprecedented changes in the workplace. Remote work is surging in popularity, but offices are still essential for centralizing business operations, receiving mail, and serving customers.

Virtual offices provide an effective solution for coordination in both growing and established companies. This guide will explain four ways a virtual office can benefit your business.

1. Lend Legitimacy to Your Brand

Making a good impression on your clients is key to maintaining a steady flow of customers. A business address is one crucial part of building a professional image around your brand. Potential clients who research your business only to find that it is based in a residential address will be less inclined to request your services.

No matter where you live, a virtual office allows you to gain customers' trust with an address and phone number that is local to their area. Virtual offices also assist with business credit building, as they give lenders the impression that your business operations are focused at a corporate location. Privacy-conscious owners can benefit from keeping their personal addresses separate from their business.

2. Continue Working Remotely

For many people, the commute is the most dreaded part of coming into the office. Virtual offices provide flexibility that the traditional office cannot match. With a virtual office, you and your employees will be able to work at any hours you choose from any location with internet access. With as much as 61 percent of employees expressing a preference for remote work, virtual offices are a great way to improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

Coordinating remote workers in different time zones and locations across the globe can be difficult. Standard tools like video calling and text chat tools do not meet all of the needs that are served by a traditional office. Virtual offices offer all the tools you need for complete online collaboration with your team while still giving you the option 

3. Receptionist and Support Services

Customers look for companies with a physical address so that they can receive in-person support when they need it. Virtual offices include additional business support services that are necessary for your company's virtual workplace. Most virtual offices include receptionist services so they can receive quick solutions for their problems at your business address.

To ensure that network problems and other technical issues are quickly resolved, your virtual office should include technical support services. This ensures that everyone in your company can access the office when needed. Reputable virtual office providers will offer email or online chat support in addition to support over the phone.

4. Enjoy Cost Savings

Choosing a virtual office can save you much more than the cost of a lease. When you start to enumerate all of the expenses involved with a traditional office, it's easy to see how virtual office spaces offer cost savings. The savings start with your lack of a daily commute, which can easily save hundreds of dollars per month in fuel and food on the go.

Using a virtual office space means you aren't responsible for the salaries of receptionists or janitorial staff. You will also avoid the expense of furnishing your office and supplying it with utilities like water and power. Finally, you won't have the technology expenses that would come with a traditional office, as all of the software that your business needs can be integrated into the virtual platform.

If a physical office is unavailable in your desired location or if you intend to keep your business remote, a virtual office may be the right solution for your company! Reach out to a company like PS Executive Centers Inc. that sets up virtual office spaces. 


8 September 2021

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