Bail Bond Services Help Clients Prevent Long-Lasting Negative Consequences

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The business of providing bail bond service to people who cannot afford cash bail has proved essential for large numbers of criminal defendants. Many cannot pay a relatively small amount, such as $5,000, although the cash is refunded when the case ends. Instead, they rely on bond service agencies that charge a small percentage of the bail. These businesses typically make affordable arrangements for customers who cannot pay even that amount.

The Problem

Many defendants are held in jail without a criminal conviction. This can happen if a judge denies bail because of the crime's severity or the defendant being a flight risk. However, the usual reason is the defendant is unable to afford bail and lives in an area that has no bail bond businesses. 

U.S. residents may feel anger about the nation's justice system that can allow wealthy people to be free on bail and those less fortunate to be kept incarcerated. Many are troubled about the matter of release before trial being connected with money. The chance to have an agency post a bond with the jail in lieu of cash bail allows those without high incomes or substantial savings to be released.

A bail bond agency helps those with lower incomes and less substantial savings to get out of jail within a reasonable time frame. 

Potential Consequences

People's lives often fall apart when staying behind bars for weeks. The system forces people to make hard choices that may not be in their best long-term interests. The most common is accepting a plea bargain that ends the case. The defendant might be issued a sentence of probation or time already served. Unfortunately, this individual has now given up the right to a fair trial or the chance for a defense lawyer to build a favorable case.

The person is left with a criminal record that can disrupt opportunities for job advancement or pursuit of certain careers. In many jurisdictions, people with felony convictions lose the constitutionally guaranteed rights to vote and own firearms. These are significant consequences for someone who feels forced to accept a plea deal. 

The Bail Bond Process

In contrast, being released with a bail bond can be accomplished within hours, even on nights and weekends. Usually, a relative or close friend of the defendant applies for the bond and pays the fee since this is difficult to do while incarcerated. A payment arrangement requires a specific amount upfront and installments thereafter.

The defendant now can manage their family and financial obligations and wait for a defense lawyer to work on the case. The lawyer eventually may recommend accepting a plea deal, but the defendant can remain free instead of being held behind bars.

To learn more, contact a local bail bond service.


24 June 2021

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