How to Get the Most Out of a Chilling Incubator

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If a chilling incubator is a staple piece of equipment in your lab, then you want to know how to use it properly so that this investment doesn't go to waste. These usage tips can get you started with this technical refrigeration equipment.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Chilling incubators are designed to keep samples at a certain temperature range. If they get out of this optimal range, the samples can become corrupted and then you have to start your study all over again.

Keeping this in mind is important as far as sunlight exposure. You don't want the chilling incubator positioned in direct sunlight because then what will likely happen is a spike in temperatures.

Even if the settings are correct, outside the incubator will heat and subsequently affect internal temperatures. If you avoid direct sunlight, you won't have to second-guess your temperature ranges.

Consistently Monitor Optimal Temperature Range

You may place the chilling incubator in the correct position, but even still, do your best to carefully review the temperature range on a consistent basis. You can then spot dramatic temperature fluctuations and make adjustments just in time before the samples inside the incubator are negatively affected.

What a lot of labs are doing when it comes to temperature monitoring is not just relying on the temperature reader on the incubator itself. Rather, they'll get multiple temperature reading devices to account for possible deviations. This method helps you keep track of the incubator's temperature range with precision. 

Don't Forget to Clean

In terms of maintenance, cleaning is extremely important for a chilling incubator to work optimally and ultimately last for a long time. You then won't have to worry about parts suffering corrosion or contaminants spreading and potentially affecting the cultures inside the chilling incubator.

Some parts on the chilling incubator are more important to clean than others, including the fan, fan wheels, and interior compartments. Just make sure that when you clean, the chilling incubator is off and there are no cultures on the inside that would risk contamination if you constantly opened and closed the chilling incubator's doors.

Growing bacterial colonies is aided by a chilling incubator, which you'll find in a lot of labs today. If you have one and use it consistently, following the right protocol as far as usage is the best way to get optimal growth. You won't constantly be addressing performance issues throughout the growth period. 


18 November 2020

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