Keys To Starting A Personal Life Podcast

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Podcasts are still as popular as ever. There are many people that enjoy listening to them, whether they're on the road driving or just looking to waste some time. Since they are so popular, you might consider starting your own. It will be filled with challenges, but if you want your personal podcast to be a success, keep these tips in mind.

Be Open

When starting a podcast about your own life in particular, you want to be very open. You want to invite listeners into your life like they're your family and friends. It will make them appreciate your personal life podcast more because you're being more personal.

Don't be afraid to share embarrassing stories or experiences that dramatically shaped you in some way. Even if they're bad events, your listeners want to hear every detail because it can help them work out problems in their own life. That's probably one of the main reasons why they keep tuning in. 

Stay Consistent

Successful podcasts today are ones that are consistent. They're updated at a certain time every week. You need to keep up with this schedule so that your listeners always know when the next podcast will be available.

Don't get in the habit of missing a week of podcasting. This can hurt your podcast and its brand early on, which is almost like a death sentence.

Also, be consistent in the quality of podcasts you put out. Every episode should be filled with the same quality content as the next. You can then start earning a loyal following.

Make Connections

Getting your personal life podcast off the ground and running is possible alone, but in order for you to grow at a substantial rate, you need to make connections with the right people in the podcast industry.

You may be able to get help from people that already have a successful podcast. They can show you what mistakes to avoid and also promote your podcast on their platform. Or you can talk to producers that run and manage podcasts, seeing if they can get you in the door to a larger audience.

Becoming a personal life podcaster is a long road filled with challenges, but it can be a rewarding one if you push yourself and do everything possible to make it high-quality on a consistent basis. Resources are also available that can take you down the right direction. You just need to know where to look. Listen to podcasts on personal life experiences to see how it works for yourself.


8 September 2020

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