The Need to Create a Continuity Plan for Your Business

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Business continuity planning can be one aspect of owning or managing a small business that is often neglected, and this can leave the business vulnerable to many disruptions. By investing some time into creating a business continuity plan, you will be able to provide your firm with some potentially critical benefits.

Ensure the Transition to New Ownership Will Be Smooth

For sole proprietorships, the death of the owner can have catastrophic impacts on the enterprise. While the owner's estate plan or will may outline the transition of ownership to a survivor, this can do little to help address the business disruptions that this passing could cause. A business continuity plan for the death of the owner will allow the management and employees to know how they should proceed while the ownership of the business is transferred. Without one of these plans, the new owner may find that they are inheriting a business that is currently in a state of decline or disorder as a result of the disruptions caused by the owner's passing.

Reduce the Revenue Disruptions That Major Events Can Have 

Protecting the revenue flow of the business will be one of the most important goals for any management team. However, there is an almost countless number of threats to the enterprise's revenue and routine operations. One example of this can be a business that is located in an area that is at risk of tropical storms. When one of these storms moves through the area, it may take weeks or longer for the damage to be repaired and for life to return to normal. Having a continuity plan can help the enterprise to better weather these unfortunate circumstances. This plan should include strategies to shift to an emergency footing that will allow the business to operate while generating less overhead or needing to fulfill much lower demand.

Empower Management to Excel During Difficult Times

Whenever the business encounters a significant disruption or period of strife, the management team may encounter problems and challenges that are entirely new. This can make it essential for the management team to be on the same page if they are to be able to effectively navigate these troubling times. Business continuity planning software can make it possible for enterprises to create plans that will allow for all of the members of management to understand the priorities and goals of the business. Furthermore, these programs can make it possible to easily track the tasks that have been completed or implemented so that management can avoid wasting time duplicating the work of others.

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24 July 2020

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