Why You Should Choose An Intensive Outpatient Program To Assist With Your Recovery

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If you are attempting to overcome a drug addiction, you may be looking at various options to assist you with your treatment. While some people choose to check themselves into a drug rehab center for weeks or months at a time, this is not a viable or realistic option for everyone. Today, though, it's possible to still get intensive treatment on the road to recovery without having to move into a rehab center. Here's why you might want to sign up for an intensive outpatient program today.

Keep Your Job

Unless you are self-employed or financially well off, you likely won't be able to just quit or leave your job in order to seek drug treatment. Sure, using your vacation time for a few weeks might help, but do you really want to lose all of your accrued vacation or sick days? Going with an outpatient treatment option will allow you to continue going to work without missing a beat. You also won't have to explain why you aren't going to be around to your boss or anyone else.

Take Care of Your Kids

An intensive outpatient program is also ideal for someone who still has young kids at home. No one wants to have to explain to their young child why Mommy or Daddy needs to go away for a while. An outpatient program can provide you with treatment and still get you home in time for dinner with your family or allow you to pick up your kid when their school day is over.

It's Still High-Quality Care

When you sign up for an intensive outpatient program, you will still be getting close to the same level of treatment that you might expect from an inpatient program. IOPs hire top professionals who can provide counseling or assist you with withdrawal symptoms once your body starts responding to the change in lifestyle.

Satisfy Your Drug Evaluation Requirement

If you are deciding to get treatment for your drug problem after running into legal trouble, an intensive outpatient program can provide you with the regular testing that might be required by the court. Regular drug evaluations are part of the treatment and will help keep you focused on recovery. Some people recommend inpatient programs because it's harder to relapse when you are in a controlled environment, but if you know your outpatient program is going to conduct another drug test or evaluation in the near future, this can be just as effective at getting you to stay focused on making progress.


17 March 2020

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