Troubleshooting 3 Everyday Problems With Doors

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Over time, many homeowners may become desensitized to the everyday problems presented by the average door. These may be problems with hinges, latches, or frames, but whatever the cause, there exists an affordable solution that can make your door seem like new. Take a look below at three everyday problems you have probably experienced at some time or another and learn what you can do to fix them.

Squeaking and Rattling

Hinges can sometimes be the peskiest part of a door, causing sounds that make a fairly new door seem as though it is decades older. The two most common noises are squeaking and rattling, both of which can usually be quieted fairly easily. For squeaky door hinges, simply apply a few sprays of WD-40 directly to the hinge. Can't find any WD-40 around the house? Sunflower or vegetable oil (diluted with a few ounces of water) will do the trick too. On the other hand, if your hinges are rattling, you may need to simply break out a screwdriver and tighten them. Don't rush out to buy new hinges until you've tightened both hinges sufficiently.


If you find that your door's edge is sticking to the door jamb, this too may be an issue of hinges needing to be tightened. Humidity can also be a common culprit. But if you see that your door sticks year-round regardless of the weather and your hinges are already tightened, then sanding down the part of the door jamb that is causing the stick may be the best option. Carefully mark the place where the stick is happening, and gradually sand it down until a stick is no longer evident. If you notice that a tendency to stick reappears, then you may unfortunately have to deal with a foundation that is sinking or sagging. 

Sudden Opening

Sometimes you may leave a room, certain you have closed the door completely, only to return and find the door slightly ajar. This is usually a sign that the door isn't hitting the strike plate as exactly as it should. If this is the case, simply mark the correct placement of the strike plate, then unscrew and realign it. Chances are that you can quickly stop worrying about whether or not the door will suddenly spring open at the slightest hint of airflow. If not, and if realignment fails to completely solve the problem, then a new hatch is likely in order.

For more information, contact door repair professionals.


13 March 2020

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