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If you are planning on becoming an owner-operator of a truck driving company, then you will have a lot of opportunities available to you. There are a lot of things to do, but they aren't beyond reach and will be worth it in the end. You will need to get your commercial license, get a business license, secure your company name, get a truck, and get insurance, and you should consider getting bonded. Being a bonded truck driver will open you up to more opportunities and save you a lot of hassle if you will be hauling loads through the U.S. ports of entry because you won't have to pay a duty on the goods and you won't have to obtain a customs release during the crossing process. Once you are ready to begin the journey of being an owner-operator, you will want to have a good idea of the numerous opportunities that are out there for you. Here is some information on different opportunities you will find as an owner-operator.

Sign with a carrier

There are a lot of owner-operator truck drivers that choose to sign with a carrier. When signed with a carrier, you will find that you can get consistent work, which is likely one of your biggest goals. Should you follow through with this option, then you will find that there are two programs.

Percent of load: With one of the programs, you can be paid on a percentage of the load. The percent-of-load program has a very wide pay scale. Something noteworthy about this program is that many drivers tend to go from carrier to carrier quite often, hopping around from one to another to try to earn more. Even though there are some issues with this program, a lot of truckers who are with this program tend to be satisfied with their overall income.

Mileage pay: With this program, you will be paid according to the mileage no matter what amount the company brought in, and this can be a good option for those who like to have the ability to determine the amount they can generally count on. The consistency tends to make this option one that's a bit more popular with those who have dependents relying on their consistent pay.


You can also choose to stay independent and take on the full responsibility of being an owner-operator, from finding your own hauls to delivering them. This may sound like a great way to go.

To learn more about owner-operator truck driving opportunities, contact a trucker.


19 February 2020

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