Ready To Purchase A Mezzanine For Your Business? 3 Ways You Can Customize It

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If you run a warehouse, having a customized mezzanine lift within your warehouse can increase the efficiency of the way your warehouse runs. Before you purchase a mezzanine lift for your warehouse, you need to determine what type of customization you would like to add to the lift. It is easier to customize the lift from the outset instead of trying to modify it down the line.

Customization #1: Lifts

You can have a stationary mezzanine, or you can have one that moves. A mezzanine lift is especially useful in a warehouse as you are able to more easily move items between levels.

When it comes to adding a lift to your mezzanine, you need to carefully consider the size and weight of the items that you will need to move on a regular basis. You want to make sure the lift can handle that amount of weight.

As you customize the lift, consider where you want the controls to be. Oftentimes, the controls are on the lift itself, allowing you to control the movement up and down. However, you can also install remote controls, so the movement of the lift can be controlled at a distance.

Customization #2: Guardrails

One customization that most people add to their mezzanine lift are guardrails. Guardrails can help make your lift safer for your employees. Guardrails are an easy way to ensure that no employee or item falls off the edge of your lift.

However, guardrails can get in the way of moving goods, so if you install guardrails, make sure that you also install some gates so that your forklift can easily lift pallets off the lift and take them to their desired destination.

Customization #3: Flooring

Finally, you can choose the type of flooring that your mezzanine has. You want to choose a flooring material that matches with the rest of your warehouse. You want the flooring to also be able to support the weight of the materials you will be stacking up on the mezzanine.

Some of the most popular floor options included welded grating, steel plates, and particleboard. Particleboard works best for stationary mezzanines that are not designed to support a lot of weight. If you intend to install a lift and use it for moving around heavy pallets, a welded grating floor or a floor made of steel plates would be a better choice.

When installing a mezzanine in your warehouse, you need to determine if you want it to include a lift and guardrails, and you need to choose the flooring that matches your needs. Work with the mezzanine manufacture to create a custom solution that works for your warehouse.


13 February 2020

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