Utilizing a Commercial Facilities Protection App

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Managing a large commercial building can require you to tend to many different responsibilities. One way to help make this process easier is through the use of commercial facilities protection apps. These apps can help to streamline the process of managing these facilities while providing real-time information about the status of the building.

1. Ability to Monitor Commercial Systems

There are likely a number of different pieces of equipment and other systems that the business will need to have running on an almost constant basis. This can be especially true of industrial enterprises. Monitoring the status of these systems can be essential to allowing you to rapidly take steps to address malfunctions. Many commercial facilities apps can be integrated into these systems to allow you to monitor their status in real-time. Furthermore, they may be configured to give an alert if a malfunction or other anomaly is detected.

2. Integration Into the Building's Security Systems

Keeping a commercial building secure can be another major challenge. To this end, the installation of a comprehensive security system can dramatically reduce the risk of criminals breaking into the building, fires going undetected, or other threats. Depending on the security system that is installed, it may be possible to integrate these systems into the commercial facilities protection app that you are using. In addition to monitoring of the security system, you may be able to activate and deactivate it remotely.

3. Maintenance Monitoring

A commercial building will have intensive maintenance needs due to the amount of traffic that the building will experience and the type of work that is being done. For example, some industrial buildings will need elaborate air filtration systems, and these will have filters that must be regularly changed. Having a facilities app that allows for tracking maintenance can avoid situations where important routine work is skipped. You will need to customize the app for the specific maintenance needs of your building. However, this will normally be a relatively simple task, which can make it easy to set up these apps as well as to make changes to them in the future.

Utilizing a commercial facilities app can dramatically reduce the work that is associated with overseeing these properties. Appreciating the diverse ways that these apps can be utilized in managing your building will make it easier to justify investing in the use of one of these apps for your property.


11 February 2020

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