Lab-Produced Peptides Vs. Naturally Produced Peptides For Research: Pros And Cons

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In the world of research peptides, there are two ways to get the peptides you need for your lab. Either you purchase naturally occurring and harvested peptides, or you buy research peptides made in a factory/lab. There are pros and cons to each, as you will see. 

Naturally Occurring Peptides Harvested for Research


Naturally occurring peptides exist in almost every living thing. These peptides can be harvested over time from different living organisms and used in research. Probably the best "pro" to using these peptides is that they are most likely to respond to your research studies in ways that you can predict, and in ways that may be unpredictable and very surprising. The latter is often what researchers want to see when there is concern that the material or test samples may react unexpectedly with the peptides. 


These peptides may have slight residuals clinging to them as a result of being harvested from natural sources. It can affect your research data, and that has to be taken into consideration. If the possible affects on your data are minimal or not really important/bothersome, then naturally occurring peptides are good to use. 

Lab-Produced Peptides


These are the purest and most purified of peptides. They will provide you with the purest results in your research with no complications and unexpected reactions. Knowing exactly how your samples for research react to the peptides provides you with consistent data you can use to make your case for continued research and continued support for your research. 


Not all peptides that occur in nature can be manufactured in a lab. There may be a few that you want to use that do not have a lab-created equal, and thus, you will have to use naturally occurring peptides instead. However, these few peptides that cannot be produced in a lab are not frequently the peptides of choice for research anyway. It is an unusual set of research parameters that requests that these lesser-used peptides be used for research. 

Which Will You Buy?

There are companies that sell only lab-created peptides, and there are labs that sell only naturally occurring, purified peptides. You will have to make a choice and purchase the peptides you think will work best for your research. If you have a lot of leeway with which kind of peptides to use, consider purchasing both kinds and running separate, simultaneous, side-by-side studies. 


21 January 2020

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