How Malnutrition Perpetuates the Poverty Cycle in Haiti and the Dominican Republic

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Poverty levels in Haiti and The Dominican Republic are disheartening. In Haiti, 60% of the population lives on or near the poverty line. In the Dominican Republic, the country has been enjoying an economic recovery, but only the top 10% of the population has benefited from the increased GDP. The rest of the country still struggles with high unemployment and income inequality. Residents of both countries struggle to make ends meet, often resulting in a lack of food and malnutrition. 

How Malnutrition Perpetuates the Cycle

Malnutrition leads to many other health issues besides hunger. Malnutrition can lead to stunted growth, weak muscles, ocular damage, and reduced brain function. Even if more jobs become available, a malnourished workforce will have a hard time keeping up, which could contribute to job loss and difficulty securing future employment. Malnutrition is an ongoing issue that cannot be solved just by providing a few meals here and there. People who have grown-up malnourished and have experienced prolonged malnourishment are likely to have ongoing health issues that will need to be addressed. Children who are malnourished are also less likely to perform well in school.

How Nonprofits Can Help

Nonprofit organizations geared towards solving malnutrition are familiar with the challenges of poverty, unemployment, and malnutrition that plague the people of Haiti and The Dominican Republic. Addressing malnutrition is the first step in eliminating preventable diseases so that the population is able to learn in school and also able to work. These types of nonprofits are often able to distribute food, school supplies, and medical care to the struggling populations of each country. Malnutrition is a multi-faceted problem, but the number one way to eradicate malnutrition is by lifting the people who are suffering from this malady out of poverty. 

How Can People Help Nonprofit Organizations

The best way that people can help the people of Haiti and The Dominican Republic is by donating money to nonprofit organizations. These organizations can then purchase food, medical items, and school supplies. Donating money directly has the largest effect. Sending donations of toys, supplies, clothes, and food is often overwhelming to nonprofits that do not have the staff nor storage space to deal with the influx of these items. Donating money directly to a nonprofit is easy and even tax-deductible. Poverty is the only thing standing in the way of banishing malnutrition. Donations can help alleviate the burden of poverty. 

To learn more, contact resources such as Haiti anti-hunger nonprofit organizations. 


21 January 2020

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