Constant Protection From Mosquitoes

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It may seem that no matter where you sit while outdoors, you are bombarded by pesky mosquitoes. Mosquitoes tend to spend time near water sources and they often become a nuisance after the sun has gone down. If your front porch is lacking screening, you may be inclined to head indoors, as soon as you notice that insects are flying nearby. Look into having mesh screening added to your porch or purchase a DIY kit that will allow you to permanently or temporarily add screening to all sides of the porch.

Learn About Mesh Screening

Mesh screening is pretty flexible and won't ruin nighttime views. You can choose the degree of privacy that you are provided with, by choosing a dark-colored screen or one that is virtually translucent. A doorway can be added to the porch's design and this area will also be covered in mesh, providing the outdoor area with complete coverage.

Request a quote from a business that provides a patio screen enclosure service. A track that runs along the top of the porch will be used to secure the edges of the screen. Any columns or beams will also be used to support sections of the screen that will be secured along the front or sides of the porch.

Choose A Retractable Design Or A Kit

If you are looking for a simple way to access the front porch and don't want to change the design of the layout by having a doorway installed, choose screening that is retractable. Retractable screening can be pulled apart when you would like to exit the porch and head out into your front yard. Magnetic closures need to be used to secure the two pieces of the screen together so that insects cannot fly onto the porch.

If you are wary about mesh screening, due to the risk of the material tearing if a sharp object comes into contact with the enclosure, ask about marine-grade netting. This type of netting can withstand pressure and is much tougher than standard screen materials. The marine netting will resemble regular screening and is installed in the same manner as the basic material.

If you are someone who likes the challenge of performing upgrades on your own, purchase a screen curtain kit. This type of kit is supported by metal brackets and will only require a screwdriver or power drill during the installation process. Choose a kit that provides permanent coverage or choose a temporary screen that can be installed and taken down whenever you prefer. 


20 January 2020

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