How Farmers Can Benefit From Aerial Imagery Acquisition Services

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One of the industries that are increasingly using aerial imagery acquisition is agriculture. Farmers are using aerial imagery to increase their profits. Aerial imagery acquisition services use airplanes and drones to take high-resolution images. You may also have access to high-quality images from the endless photographs taken by satellites.

Inspecting Your Property

Farmers often have a lot of property and they may want an aerial view so that they can examine their property to see how it is developing. You can check your property much more quickly with drones than you can with conventional methods. This will allow you to reduce the amount of work that you must perform on this task. However, rather than purchasing your own drones and learning how to use them effectively, it's easier to hire a service that you'll only have to pay a regular fee to. 

Providing Information to Buyers

If you decide that you'd like to sell property, an aerial image will assist you in this task. You can provide the buyer with information so he or she can be enticed to purchase your property. Videos allow buyers to see exactly what they are getting.

Making Improvements

When you're instead planning on keeping your farm and making improvements, this can require a lot of planning. Aerial imagery can assist in this process by allowing you to plan where you will build and where you will plant your crops. It's much more affordable to plan ahead using aerial imagery than it is to construct a building that you will later need to tear down. 

Solving Problems

Aerial imagery can allow you to identify problems with your farm. If you are not fertilizing your crops well enough, or too much, this can be more easily seen from the sky. If you are having a problem with weeds, pests or disease, it's much easier to get a full understanding of the scope of the issue so you can determine which actions you should take.

Choosing an Acquisition Service

A challenge that farmers often face is the lack of data collection standards, so some farmers might not know which companies they should work with. However, as these companies become more consolidated, this will become easier because the data collection conventions will become more standardized. Therefore, if you can find a large and established acquisition service, you can feel confident that you'll have the information necessary to run your farm. 


17 January 2020

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