Kinds Of Courses Offered Online For DOT HAZMAT Shippers

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The DOT, or Department of Transportation, often requires or requests that shippers have specific training and certification where HAZMAT materials are concerned. Some of these courses you can take for certification are specific to the type of shipping your company does, while others are related but may not fully apply. The following is a sample of the DOT HAZMAT shipper trainings offered. 

DOT HAZMAT Packaging for Employees

If you have employees that are responsible for the packaging of goods prior to placing the shipping boxes on a pallet and placing pallets on trucks, then they should know plenty about HAZMAT packing and procedures. This course will teach all of your employees what to do with potentially hazardous goods and how to manage them if something breaks open and begins to leak through the packaging. It certifies your employees while giving them appropriate safety tips that can be applied regardless of the type of shipping transport your company uses. 

International Maritime Dangerous Goods

This course is ideal for dock workers who have to load dangerous goods onto freighters and ocean-bound cargo ships. Clearly, there is even more danger involved when a dock crane is lifting entire cargo containers filled with hazardous goods onto a boat. If the cables snap, the cargo container could fall to the docks and break open, leaving quite a HAZMAT mess (if it does not crush dock workers in the process). Dock employees working in and around these situations have to know how to handle just about any leak, busted cargo container, and dripping questionable mess that is leaving or arriving on the docks. 

Multimodal HAZMAT Transport

When your shipping company actually uses several different modes of transportation, and you are well aware that you are transporting HAZMAT goods, you and your employees need to know how to address dangerous situations with each mode of transportation. In addition to making immediate contact with the nearest police and fire HAZMAT team, your employees have to know who else they need to call in an emergency. With railroads, it might be the railroad company's head engineers, and with freight companies it might be the emergency hotline for boats on the docks. This course teaches your employees what they need to know and who to contact depending on the mode of transportation that is experiencing a HAZMAT emergency situation. Protecting themselves and the public is key, but so is contacting the right people to contain the situation. 

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14 January 2020

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