3 Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil

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CBD products are becoming increasingly popular for people with a wide range of medical problems because CBD has several benefits with minimal instances of side effects. If you're curious, here are just three benefits of using CBD hemp oil. 


CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory so it can be useful for neuropathic and musculoskeletal pain. Many people with chronic pain are concerned that more doctors are reducing or stopping their prescribing of opioids. Although this may reduce some instances of abuse, there are still people left with chronic pain who have few alternatives or effective pain management. At minimum, CBD products may not eliminate chronic pain but they can make it more tolerable. The anti-inflammatory benefits can also extend to the vascular system. Systemic inflammation is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. CBD products may reduce these risks, especially when combined with other risk reduction lifestyle choices.

Mental Health

Some people choose CBD products for their benefits associated with mental health. Since these products contain little or no THC, there is no euphoria seen with marijuana. The most common mental health benefits are a reduction in depression and anxiety. Both of these issues can occur alone or may be seen in bipolar disorder, where mixed episodes may cause an increase in irritability and anxiety. People with psychotic disorders should also consider trying CBD since these products may also have antipsychotic benefits. When used as tinctures, CBD oils can work fairly quickly, so they are a good choice for reducing anxiety, panic attacks, and other severe symptoms.

Neurological Disorders

In recent years, some of the efforts to legalize CBD products and make them more accessible has stemmed from the benefits associated with neurological disorders. CBD products can reduce seizure activity in people, especially children, that had little or no benefits from traditions anti-seizure medications. Other benefits can occur in people with multiple sclerosis and other disorders that cause spasms or nerve dysfunction. Since CBD can have benefits on the nervous system, it is worth considering for certain types of headaches and for people with dementia or Alzheimer's disease. The intensity and duration of migraines might be improved with CBD and since there are no treatments to stop the progression of dementia and related disorders, CBD is worth a try.

Medical grade CBD hemp oil has numerous benefits. Whether you need help with chronic pain or mental illness, CBD has little to no side effects, so it is worth the investment to determine if you have any benefits.


26 November 2019

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