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The moon, stars, and planets have been fascinating people for centuries. Some individuals may have come to the conclusion that there is some truth to how a person is feeling or what they are personally dealing with, based upon the alignment of the planets or the current moon phase. If you are intrigued by astrology and want to take an in-depth look at your life and personal attributes, delve into this field is by participating in a group reading.

Propose The Idea And Inquire About A Group Session

Decide who you would like to share this experience with. Anyone who participates should be open-minded and willing to listen to a description of their inner-being and the manner in which these details relate to their birthdate. Maybe you, your siblings, and your mother would be interested in a reading or maybe you can gather up some of your co-workers to attend a reading. The next step is to determine where you and the others will need to meet and how much each person will be required to pay.

Many astrologists perform readings at their personal homes or offices, but you may be fortunate enough to find an astrologer who makes housecalls. With a group session, more money is being paid for the service and each reading may be rather detailed. An astrologer who is willing to meet at your home or the home of a family member or a friend will bring along all of the materials that are needed to conduct a thorough reading. If birth charts are being furnished, you will need to provide birthdates and times of birth, prior to the astrology reading.

Prepare For The Reading

Before the reading is to begin, plan on how you want to set up the room where the session will take place. If you have chosen to host the reading at your home, create a cozy area for you and your guests to relax in. Meet well in advance so that you and the others can enjoy a meal and some beverages or talk candidly about what the reading may entail.

After the astrologist arrives, welcome them to your home and lead them to the table and chairs that you have set up for the occasion. Wait patiently for your turn and listen intently, as the astrologist provides key details about each person's life and information about what the future may hold.

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21 November 2019

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