How Science And Technology Are Changing The Way You Play Golf

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Golf is one of the world's oldest sports. Smacking a small ball around through miles of grass and trees with sand pits and water holes has been the pastime of many for centuries. Yet, it was not until recently that both science and technology got into this game and changed it in ways unimaginable. Here is how science and technology can change the way you play golf:

Digital Green Readers

Once upon a time, if you wanted to know anything about the downward slope of any green, you first had to walk it to feel it. Then you had to use your club to see if the slant seemed right to you. That was "reading the green" then. Now, you just buy a pocket-sized device that resembles a pocket watch, turn it on, set it on the ground on the green on which you are standing, and the device gives you the perfect measurement for the slope in degrees. This helps you determine what club to use and how you should hit the ball. Everyone else that you play against will be astounded at how accurate this device is, and how much better it helps you play your golf game. 

Wind Clockers

Wind plays into golf much more than people realize. Let's say that you hit the golf ball and it looks like it is going to land right on the green somewhere near the hole. That is ideal. Now let's say that a big gust of wind comes along. What happens is that your ball will now land in the hole or so far away that it will take more strokes to get the ball back onto the green again.

Before science figured out that monitoring the wind would help golfers drive a ball in a better direction and use the wind to an advantage, golfers had to throw blades of grass into the air to see which way to slice the ball. Now there are "wind clockers," devices you can turn on and hold with your hand in the air and receive feedback on the speed and direction of said wind. This automatically helps you decide what club to use, whether or not to slice the ball, and what kind of force you will need to drive that ball. Combine the clocker with the green reader and you have the perfect tools for figuring out how to golf a perfect or near-perfect game every time. 

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20 November 2019

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